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Blasterball 2: Returns (also known as just Blasterball 4) is a fangame made by a user named "GT", based on original Blasterball series, an arcade breakout-style games developed by WildTangent.


Blasterball 2 Returns, is very similar to the original Blasterball 2: Revolution.

Now, the alpha version was launched, on his Youtube channel "Blasterball 2 Returns".


Some of the backgrounds are the same as the other Blasterball 2 games probably due to the game being in alpha phase. The only background so far that is exclusive in this game is a cloudy background that has a night time effect and has a gold star in front of everything. As for the rest of the backgrounds in this game there all from Blasterball 2: Revolution.


The game currently has no known downloads, and has not been in development in a few years. It's unknown when the game will return (no pun intended).


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