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Blasterball 2: Revolution

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Blasterball 2: Revolution (also known as just Blasterball 2)is the sequel to Blasterball Wild, an arcade breakout-style game developed by WildTangent. The game introduced Critters, Bonus Stages, and numerous Powerups.


Blasterball 2 Revolution has similar gameplay to its prequel; the player has to control a paddle and aim to hit the ball against the bricks above it. The player completes the stage when all the bricks are destroyed (or when entering a Secret Stage).

Every 20 levels, the players will face a "boss" which is known as Guardian. These are more diificult than normal levels and the player must defeat them to advance.
Guardian 1

The first Guardian stage, a pink centipede-like creature.


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Main article: Powerups.
  • Attach
  • Blasterball
  • Divide
  • Grow
  • Mini
  • Laser
  • Slow
  • Faster!
  • 8-Way
  • Phantom
  • Twin
  • 2X Score Multiplier
  • 3X Score Multiplier
  • 1-UP
  • Catcher
  • Flash

Critters Edit

some of these critters are found on the Critters wiki article.