Blasterball 2: Revolution (also known as just Blasterball 2) is the sequel to Blasterball Wild, an arcade breakout-style game developed by WildTangent. The game introduced Critters, Bonus Stages, and numerous Powerups.


Blasterball 2 Revolution has similar gameplay to its prequel; the player has to control a paddle and aim to hit the ball against the bricks above it. The player completes the stage when all the bricks are destroyed (or when entering a Secret Stage). The game can be played with a mouse, or a keyboard.

Sprites of the different paddles obtained through powerups

Every 20 levels, the players will face a "boss" which is known as Guardian. These are more difficult than normal levels and the player must defeat them to advance.

The first Guardian stage, a pink centipede-like creature.


For the Powerups, please go to the Powerups article as it's for all the games instead of just one, and is more convenient this way:

Main article: Powerups.


some of these critters are found on the Critters wiki article.


To view the Stages, please go to the Stages article, which includes all stages including bonus stages.

Known Issues And Bugs

  1. When in fullscreen, selecting any link that would send you to a page would window the game.
  2. When You grab a power up with the maximum version of that power up already in possession, the sound will not play (E.G getting the Larger power up, when you already have the max) This will only work on power ups with more than one state (Won't work on the speed or Twin power ups from what I've seen)
  3. The ball can sometimes go straight through a Guardian, or Critter
  4. There's a slim chance that your ball will go through two blocks if it's aligned diagonally, and works best with the unbreakable blocks
  5. When hitting a Critter your ball may go opposite of what's expected (e.g hitting a critter from the top causes it to go down, or hitting a critter from below causes it to bounce from the top)
  6. If your using the version of the game that uses the WildTangent Web Driver, the game will show itself loading endlessly, giving a message about Java not being installed, or being in use.
  7. Sometimes the colours in fullscreen mode will be funky, this is fixed by going into windows mode, or by running the game in compatibility mode


  • This is the first game with a style change, with the second being Blasterball 3, and Blasterball Wild having a different style
  • There was going to be a physical release of the game from Mumbo Jumbo on Amazon, but this is listed as unavailable, and you cannot buy it as of now. It was to be released on a CD-Rom, and the Amazon listing says the release date was February 18th, 2010 and also includes info like an ASIN number.
  • This is one of the two games in the series officially published by a company that is'int WildTangent, which is Mumbo Jumbo for the physical of Revolution, and MSN (aka Zone.Com Deluxe) for BlasterBall 2: Deluxe.
  • This game's original Java release has support for gamepads which later versions don't have.
    • The Java original can even use an Xinput enabled controller (such as Xbox 360 controller) for play. The left stick moves the paddle, A,B,X,Y,LB, & RB all launches the ball, or shoots the laser. Everything else is still controlled with the keyboard such as pausing, and video mode which is why it's recommended you use a program like JoyToKey to play the whole game on just controller.
  • This game uses certain graphics from Arkanoid Returns (aka Arkanoid 2000 R) with things such as blocks, the ball, the paddle, font, and even uses the same style as the logo. This came out after Arkanoid Returns a few years in advance, and this fact is obscure among both game's communities.
  • This is one of the most popular game in the series
  • The team who made this would be known as Revolution team and is credited on the game's credit page on Mobygames.



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