This is a fan game of Blasterball that adds a CNN theme to the backgrounds. It also adds new sounds, and changes some graphics, such as the door.


It has the same gameplay as Blasterball 2: Revolution. It features stages from Blasterball 2: Remix, Blasterball 2: Holidays, Blasterball 2: Revolution, and Blasterball 2: Returns (aka Blasterball 4).


Because of how the original download link is dead, the links here will just go to a 404 page. Please update the link to a fixed working one if anyone finds one.


Known Issues And Bugs

  • The only known download is dead (the link is found in the video description).


  • When spawning, you can hear a voice dubbed over the standard sound saying "This is CNN."
  • There are different additional special catchphrases after the word CNN with different voices, for example: "This is CNN Finals", "This is CNN Democratic Debate", "This is CNN Mid-Finals", "This is CNN Republican Debate", "This is CNN town hall", "This is CNN election night", and in Spanish (Español) "Esto es CNN".
  • This could very well be the first meme Blasterball mod


  1. The offical gameplay of all the light world stages
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