Tehsuparhackr Tehsuparhackr 25 August 2020

BlasterBall 2: Revolution Text Strings

I made a document showing all the text strings that are in the EXE file of the latest release of the game, which includes all the text strings shown in-game, title of window, and others. You can use this document I have created to make a mod of this game that changes text in the game, and game window along with other tools and methods people have used to mod this game like the stage editor. This can be used in for example a game mod called BlasterBall 4, you can now go in the EXE with this method and actually change all mentions of the game's name from what it was to BlasterBall 4 like what the mod is called. You can also change names of power-ups, and other text in the game. I remember also being able to change the url of a few buttons in…

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Tehsuparhackr Tehsuparhackr 10 August 2020

BlasterBall 3 Partial Model Decompression

I found an old forum topic I posted asking on ripping models from BlasterBall 3, and I found someone responded with help on the decompression of the .wkz file. The user who submitted this info, "Pingas!" is also a mod of the WildTangent Games server on Discord. BTW how you get to the decompressor instructed is once you load the program, you go from the left context menu [VGMToolbox/Misc. Tools/Compression Tools/zlib Compress/Decompress] After you decompress, just load the file in it's original format, like a .txt file is to load with Notepad, so on.

The *.wkz extensions have zlib data at offset 0x7. Use VGM-Toolbox to decompress those.

Link to the original thread: https://www.vg-resource.com/thread-30905.html

Link to VGMToolbox which was used…

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Tehsuparhackr Tehsuparhackr 27 March 2019

Any chance for a new Blasterball game offically?

I'm wondering if there could be a chance of Blasterball ofically getting a new game. I do know there's a few fan games being made of the series, such as Blasterball 2: Returns (aka Blasterball 4), and Blasterball 2: Deluxe. I also was planning on making my own, which was Blasterball 2: Ultimate, but this was short lived as I forgot about it, and had the issue of the free trials, and not having any of the full versions of the games, despite this, I still plan on making a new Blasterball mod, will probobly some sort of stage pack, or custom backgrounds. Blasterball 3 was the last offical game in the series as of now, and it came out in 2006, around 13 years since it came out, then the game's ability to upload your custom stages was removed in aro…

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Mr Morshu Mr Morshu 27 April 2017

Blasterball 3 Bosses...

I'm gonna be honest, the bosses of Blasterball 3 were kind of a letdown for me. At first I thought they were going to be a step up from the ones in Blasterball 2, given how much creativity was put into the first five.  But apparently, the devs at WildTangent were too lazy to come up with 10 original bosses, so instead they made the second half of the bosses just rehashed versions of the first half of the bosses!  That's gotta be one of the laziest things I've ever seen in a video game!  This whole thing put a damper on my experience with Blasterball 3 as the bosses were my favorite thing about the series; I always loved the anticipation of what would be next for me to take down.  But when half the bosses are just reworked versions of bosse…

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