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BlasterBall Wiki is collaborative effort. That means anyone can write or edit an article. A good place to start is with the Wanted Pages. If you would like help with editing, you can send the site's administrator a message via talk page, or check out this helpful page for more help on editing.

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This wiki is apart of a larger project, Brickout-pedia which is set to document every known game that has the same gameplay style as games such as Arkanoid, Breakout and BlasterBall. This wiki will still remain the best source for BlasterBall info, and all BlasterBall info on this affiliate wiki will be a synopsis of the info which will link to it's respective part of this wiki.

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It seems like the poll during an update to the Fandom site was broken, possibly with the move to the new version of MediaWiki the software used to power these wikis. These polls may come back, but on an external site until we fix this issue. The below links are kept, including the poll itself in the source code above this text.