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    I'm gonna be honest, the bosses of Blasterball 3 were kind of a letdown for me. At first I thought they were going to be a step up from the ones in Blasterball 2, given how much creativity was put into the first five.  But apparently, the devs at WildTangent were too lazy to come up with 10 original bosses, so instead they made the second half of the bosses just rehashed versions of the first half of the bosses!  That's gotta be one of the laziest things I've ever seen in a video game!  This whole thing put a damper on my experience with Blasterball 3 as the bosses were my favorite thing about the series; I always loved the anticipation of what would be next for me to take down.  But when half the bosses are just reworked versions of bosseā€¦

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